GrassRoots Conservation is a New Jersey based nonprofit dedicated to making real change in the conservation movement through community action. Large nonprofits raise awareness about the climate crisis but often fail to inspire or empower action. That is where we come in! All year round we accept applications and provide grants along with advice for small groups or individuals pursuing conservation projects in their communities. Our goal is to grow the conservation movement from the grassroots up!

"We all have the power to make important change in our communities. If you have the passion, we will help get you there!"

Andrew and Alex Noviello - CEOs


We will provide grants of up to $1000 to applicants to pay for project expenses.



We provide project planning and strategy advice for applicants through communications and feedback.


Real Change

Together we can make real change in communities across the U.S. What are you waiting for?

About Us

1How Are We Different?
Unlike many large environmental nonprofits who focus on raising awareness about the climate crisis, our goal is to support tangible impact-making projects in communities across the country. We empower people to turn their passions into action.
We had the pleasure and opportunity of leading many conservation-based projects in our pursuit of a prestigious conservation award through scouting. The hardest part of the process was fundraising. We want to take away that obstacle for small groups and individuals trying to make change so that they can turn their desires into action.
Our names are Andrew and Alex Noviello and we are high school students from Bridgewater, NJ. We have always been passionate about conservation and have sought to make change through this nonprofit and other endeavors.

Make A Donation

To donate, you can use one of the following methods:

1. Donate Online on GoFundMe

2. Mail a check addressed to "GrassRoots Conservation A NJ Nonprofit Corporation" to 55 Totten Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Please remember all your donations to our 501c3 nonprofit are tax-deductible! If you have any questions about our nonprofit or about how to donate, please email andnov24@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Apply for a Grant

Please fill out the workbook below and email it to andnov24@yahoo.com to submit. We accept applications continuously year round and will delegate funds as we see fit.

Make a copy of this workbook to continue with google drive or download it as a PDF or Word Document:

Google Drive Project Workbook  Workbook PDF

Here Are Some Projects That We've Helped Support:

Our Leadership Team

Our nonprofit's leaders have led and supported numerous conservation projects over the years and will be happy to help you through monetary grants and advice.

Andrew Noviello

Co-Founder and CEO

Alexander Noviello

Co-Founder and CEO


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